Vortex Aerospace Services specializes in pre-flight final assembly of the CL-415 in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. In addition, Vortex Aerospace has proven success with supporting all facets of the production facility including quality, procurement, engineering, work/material planning, methods, marketing, sales, customer support, and training.

Vortex Aerospace Services has a variety of departments within the organization and employs people within the disciplines of Pre-Flight Mechanics & Avionics, Structural Technicians, Quality Inspectors, Logistics, and Liaison Engineering. The Vortex Aerospace Services team plays an integral role in the customer experience including, delivery, on site technical support, modification/kit development, and modification installation/demos.

To ensure quality service, Vortex Aerospace Services is able to seamlessly integrate customer systems within all departments of the company. With a fluid and flexible approach, Vortex Aerospace Services keeps up with demand and provides customers' with full service.

Vortex Aerospace Services has had many accomplishments including the re-opening of a final assembly production line that had been completely stopped. Furthermore, the company has increased the number of CL-415 from one in the 1st year to five in the 5th year. Since inception, Vortex Aerospace Services has assembled over 20 aircraft.

Vortex Aerospace Services extends the customer experience by working directly with the customers' clients and serving as a representative during all customer acceptances. This includes ground inspections, test flights, post delivery modifications (service bulletins), and all necessary documentation needed to complete the delivery transaction. Vortex Aerospace Services' technicians have ferried aircraft all over the world including France, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Malaysia, and Spain.

The company's solid relationships extend beyond customers and also include public and private sector organizations such as regulatory bodies like Transport Canada.